Current Project

My main interest is in skilful and habitual joint action and interaction. To understand these relations I focus on social psychology with a focus on automaticity and ‘implicit’ cognition. I focus on the notion of control that we find in this work. The field of collective intentionality has long recognised a problem with authority when agents jointly intent and act. Both habits and skilful action are inconsistent with the notion of autonomy in philosophy of action. I translate these findings from individual action to joint action. What role(s) does habitual and skilful joint action play in collective intentionality?

Another of my interests is the role of social interaction and mutual understanding for joint action with special attention for the ‘sense of the other’, the ‘sense of us’ and the ‘sense of we-agency’ in combination with research on emergent coordination (i.e., alignment, synchrony).

I am currently an assistant professor at the department of philosophy at the University of Vienna, working with Prof. Hans Bernhard Schmid. I am associated to the Research Training Group on “Situated Cognition” at the Ruhr University Bochum and the Mercur Project “Automaticity in Thought and Action and its Significance for our Self-Understanding”. 

I was previously working with Prof. Albert Newen and Prof. Tobias Schlicht. My project Joint Action, Coordination, and Control is part of his bigger project called, Situated Cognition. Perceiving the World and Understanding other minds. Within the project I focus on joint action and collective intentionality. I am also thankful for the useful interactions with my secondary supervisor is Prof. Jan Bransen, working at the Radboud University Nijmegen, Prof. Stephen Butterfill who I visited for three month fall 2016 at Warwick University and is now a Visiting International Professor at the Ruhr-University, and Prof. John Sutton who I visited for three months at the end of 2017.

A summary of my dissertation project “Joint Action, Coordination, and Control” can be found here.