Current Project

I am currently working with Prof. Tobias Schlicht at the Institute for Philosophy II at the Ruhr Universität Bochum. My project Social Interaction and Mutual Understanding in Joint Action is part of his bigger project called, Situated Cognition. Perceiving the World and Understanding other minds. Within the project I focus on joint action and collective intentionality. I am also thankful for the useful conversations with my secondary supervisor is Prof. Jan Bransen, working at the Radboud University Nijmegen and Prof. Stephen Butterfill who I visited for three month fall 2016 at Warwick University.

One part of my interests lies with the role of social interaction and mutual understanding for joint action with special attention for the ‘sense of the other’, the ‘sense of us’ and the ‘sense of we-agency’ in combination with research on emergent coordination (i.e., alignment, synchrony).

My second main interest is in social psychology and implicit cognition. Both implicit cognition and collective intentionality are inconsonant with the notion of autonomy in philosophy of action. Are there similarities in the problems both fields have with autonomy? And what role does implicit cognition (on the level of attitudes) play in collective intentionality?